Joel H


I used to think more like you. Then I realized that this model is precisely how everything *else* functions.

When you sell used CDs, or DVDs, or books, publishers don't get a cut of those profits. If I sell a CPU, video card, computer game, or washing machine on Ebay, the manufacturer doesn't get a cut of those profits, either.

Why do games deserve to be treated differently than every other class of goods?


I just wish Sony and Microsoft would come together , that would be awesome .


I don't understand how everyone seems to think that selling used games is good for the video games' industry. When you sell a game as used, the companies that invested millions in engineering and content production don't see a dime. It's like going into a movie theater to watch a movie, and then after you watch it, believing you have some right to sell the experience to someone else at a discount. I'm guessing but I'm sure that companies like Microsoft would be willing to allow you to transfer ownership as long as they could get a cut. And games that aren't quite AAA games would still drop in price because the market would dictate that... but the price would still go to the people that make the games, that take the risk and invest the capital to make them in the first place. I can only see this as a good thing for the industry, which means that it's easier to make more and better games, which is good for us, the gamers.


Well... let's compare this when you buy a DVD.. and it is impossible for your to give it your mom after you watched it because the movie won't play on her DVD payer...

or when you buy a CD, and you can't give it to a friend because the CD doesn't play on his system..

That's crazy right?

So, when I am forced to buy EVERY game brand new... I won't buy that system.. I want to decide if I buy a game new, or buy an older game second hand...


Yeah, don't really care if the game devs don't see a dime if I decide to sell a game I'm no longer interested in playing. They can invest all they like into making the game, at $60 a pop for a AAA, they make it back tenfold.

The argument has been made to the point of being ridiculous... You sell your used car, Ford doesn't get a cut. You sell your fridge, nothing goes to GE. You sell a CD, the band doesn't get a cut. If I am selling something that I have already paid the full asking price for, I am not going to take a hit on my selling price because the dev thinks they should get a little more. I defy you to name ONE thing that once bought and paid for by the end consumer, then sold as used, where the manufacturer gets more money simply so the user gets the privilege of selling it.

I haven't been a console gamer since the PS2, and I am eagerly awaiting news on both the PS4 and xbox720, but honestly if I hear that either one or both block used game sales or require an always on net connection, I will not be buying them. My message to those companies: try to control what I do with a product after I buy it (short of mass copying and selling/sharing it) and you do not get my business.