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>> Use FREE and Microsoft compatible Open Office

I see a lot of people mentioning OpenOffice, but the real successor is LibreOffice: (http://www.libreoffice.org/#0) It has everything OpenOffice does (literally, due to the GPL), and more.  OpenOffice has basically been abandoned, thanks to Oracle... but all the good developers went to LibreOffice!

Joel H

Open/Libre office are...functional. But that's about it. Load times are slower and , their GUIs are just different enough to throw you off beat. My personal willingness to screw around with basic functions in any replacent program is about 15 seconds.

But worst of all, the graphing engine is still difficult to use -- or was when last I checked. Office 2007 was the first graph program that ever made intuitive sense to me.

I wont switch to Open/Libre -- but it sounds like its time to upgrade to Office 2010. That should hold me over until 2018-2020.


It's pretty ironic considering they stated they did it to fight piracy...

For volume licensees though there's no change, this only effect regular single license retail versions...

Sucks as much as all those video DRM services that only let you put a digital copy on one device and didn't provide any option for transfers, and I agree will likely promote piracy...


This is just baffling. You see it in the world of PC gaming too. These sort of "Anti-piracy" measures don't stop the hackers. They're just an annoyance to them. But they will greatly hinder actual paying customers. I'm flabbergasted that anybody remotely knowledgeable about technology and their user base would look at this and say "yeah I don't see any problems with doing this".


Meanwhile, Kingsoft Office Free is tied to... Nothing. No charge.

Joel H

Wow. That's similar enough to actually be confusing.


And this is why you should just get LibreOffice! Free, open source, and easy to use. Libreoffice dot org. Check it out, and remove the MS wool from your eyes.

Joel H


I've decided to take Libre for a test drive. I'll leave some remarks on what I think.