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Sorry students, but the fact of the matter is that school is right around the corner, if you haven't started back already. On the bright side, as you wave goodbye to summer, you can say hello to back-to-school specials. And if you're looking to build a new PC, whether it's for school for just in general, the folks at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) just announced a new cost-friendly processor to play around with, the FX-4130.

"The AMD FX-4130 processor, for enthusiasts who like their graphics (GPU) interchangeable and upgradeable, is a 4-core CPU that clocks slightly below a 4GHz operating frequency in a 125W thermal envelope. Suggested retail price for the part is a highly competitive $112," AMD stated in a blog post.

AMD FX Graphic

If you're not interested in the FX-4130 but still want to roll with AMD, you'll be happy to know the chip designer cut prices on more than a dozen processors. They include:
  • FX-8150 with liquid cooling: $251 (down from $271)
  • FX-8150: $183 (down from $204)
  • FX-8120: $153 (down from $164)
  • FX-6200: $132 (down from $153)
  • FX-6100: $112 (down from $132)
  • FX-4170: $122 (down from $132)
  • FX-4130: $112 (new processor)
  • FX-4100: $101 (down from $112)
  • A8 3870K Black Edition: $101 (down from $112)
  • A8 3850: $91 (down from $101)
  • A6 3670K Black Edition: $80 (down from $96)
  • A6 3650: $77 (down from $91)
  • A6 3500: $67 (down from $71)
  • A4 3400: $48 (down from $57)
  • A4 300: $46 (down from $53)

That's a lot of price cuts. See anything that floats your boat?


I know this can invoke quite a reaction, especially amongst AMD fans, but: I will never again spend money on an AMD CPU product. I have nothing against AMD as a company, their GPU's are acceptable enough, and they've innovated and helped out in the CPU space for a long time.. until they purchased ATI.

That sale shot them in the foot. Selling off so much of their R&D to finance the sale ruined their hope of competing with Intel. The fact that they've publicly admitted they're done trying to compete speaks for itself.

I don't build with budget systems in mind; I go for power, and for that.. I go Intel.

Though for people who want power at lower price, Bulldozer is just fine for most applications.. But if AMD doesn't do something amazing with Piledriver (or Steamroller, if Piledriver is truly scrapped for standalone sales), they're going to fall flat. Time for AMD to focus on low-power-consumption notebook chips.

Note: I WANT AMD to succeed. I don't want them to fail. I wish they were able to compete NOW, because otherwise Intel is going to become Google/Apple/every other monopoly, and we'll see less performance gains per generation 'cause there's no competition. 

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Seems like they're been playing catchup for a while and other than price I don't see any reason to switch from Intel.  For budget systems I would have no issues using AMD if there was a substantial difference in price for similar performance.


I used to be an AMD fan but I have to agree with Erakith. I've built intel and AMD systems in the past and I gotta say intel is the way to go. Intel you have to dish out some more money but that's not to say there isn't deals out there. For example, microcenter at the time of my purchase had a promo where you could buy a mobo and cpu combo and get 50 bucks off the mobo. In my instance the motherboard was already on sale for $40 so I ended up saving $90 on the mobo and cpu combo.

Another thing that kept me away from bulldozer right now was the lack of pci-e 3.0, When I'm building a system I want the latest technology on my motherboard... now im future set for a while :)

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AMD has failed this gen ... these processors do no justice to the FX brand... gone are those days where FX forced Intel to release a separate series to counter them in the Enthusiast market


This is not enough AMD.. not even enough to give Sandy Bridge a run for their money

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i5-2500K will remain the default choice for gamers unless they come up with something really good


Good Prices..Hope they bring in something good before Haswell


Erakith summed it up nicely. We do need AMD to succeed. Competition is a good and healthy thing.


I hope they re emerge witha better processor in years to come. Tue king of the budget hopefully aint done


Erakith, i agree with most of your comments, this one in particular is well written and fun to read, i have been watching AMD struggle in the past few years as well and i won't buy their products either. My elder brother is a Network Administrator and for a while was a hardware distributor as well so he got the opportunity to buy parts and try them at lower prices.

I watched him disassemble an Xbox one day and it was so cool to me that i have been into to tech ever since. I was completely shocked when a few years later i asked him how good AMD was, (i had just bought a chip a Bulldozer chip) he told me they sucked an shouldn't be allowed to make chips anymore.

I judged that he had reacted harshly and so i tried the chip anyway. I hated it. I hated it so very badly. The chip had cost me a little over 200 dollars and it was not worth the price. sure it was rated at 3.6 ghz, but the chip quickly slowed over a few months to where it couldn't push it to 2.9 most of the time.

i want AMD to succeed. we need better, less expensive products, but until they can deliver them i won't be buying Red anymore.


The A series APU's do great in their market. AMD is selling the heck out of them too.

It's easy to make a great performing low budget PC with them and they work well for common tasks.

As for power, Intel does trump them, but I still buy AMD when I can. Without them around, Intel's prices would shoot to the Moon.


Sounds reasonable enough.

AMD certainly doesnt build things the way it used to. The Bulldozer lineup really kind of disappointed me.

They certainly cant compete with intel when it comes to Processors these days, it makes me sad.

However, I'm still happy to see that they're making price cuts. Just saves those who buy their products some more money I guess.


I'm personally sticking with Thuban and hoping AMD can pull themselves out of the rut. While BD does seem to slow after several months the Thubans just keep going strong and if you look around they can often be had for $120 or less. At $20 a core I can put up with not being the fastest system, although my Thuban plays all the latest games just fine, but its pretty obvious that BullDozer was a dud and i have to wonder if anything based on it will be a dud as well.

As someone old enough to remember what it was like when Intel had a monopoly (crazy prices with hardly any innovation) I can only hope that the new chip designer that AMD hired away from Apple can bring us another Athlon64 style winner, because for the past few years they've only had bang for the buck but with the higher prices of BD they don't even have that anymore.