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I think its more of a marketing fail by HP. Apple or "A" as some call it spends millions on marketing, I have seen only a had full of HP Tab advertisements; while apple or "A" has a plethora of them all over the place. Specs these days mean nothing your average "stupid" consumer its all about an image and persona that the marketing departments creates for each product that matters to them. The sooner companies learn this the sooner they will start selling more products. 

Joel H

Good review of WebOS and the TouchPad, for those of you who were curious: http://[censored][censored]-hp-touchpad-review.[censored]

Companies are interested in tablets because consumers have bought millions of iPads. We can discuss what the market is likely to do with said devices until Jesus shows up with waffles and pork chops, but there's no grand conspiracy here. Companies that sell things like to know what people are buying. It helps them sell more stuff. :P


Anyone could buy one then review it and return it? At least that would help the negative sales:P

If they really want to sell these things then they should try putting the salespeople in turtlenecks! Or run commercials with arrogant profs talking to camera telling you how stupid you are, or two people in split screen talking over each other about how the touchpad will save the environment if you buy one!


Talk about dropping a bomb,.....

HP announced yesterday that they're getting out of the Tablet business, along with making PC's, and even Smartphones. You can expect to see some steep discounts for all of their soon to be abandoned gizmos.



Still think that they may have dropped the ball a bit with the TouchPad regarding the marketing .Still could not really compete with the ease and overall functionality of the Apple iPad. Besides some folks really did the iPad !

yep to say HP has bee n going through some changes would be an understatement .complete overhaul may be needed


"Being able to get your Apps from anywhere is a good thing. Android does that,...right?

If you want to do that with the iPad, you have to 'JAILBREAK' it, and then they'll give your warranty the middle finger for breaking their rules with the device that you thought that you bought and own.

You can argue for and against either one of them until you're blue in the face."

Exactly why I won't buy one. Android isn't perfect yet, but it does work well and it will get better. If I find one of these i-os tablets I might pick it up in hopes someone will get Android to work on it. It is a shame, HP could have had the best tablet and phone OS out there(I donl't know) but they just killed it because they did nothing to promote it.


rrplay wrote:

Still think that they may have dropped the ball a bit with the TouchPad regarding the marketing

That's so,.....and it's coming around to bite them in the backside today,.......Best-Buy just demanded that HP take all of the (huge number of) tablets back, after HP's announcement yesterday that they're getting out of the tablet business.

See it here.

This is gonna be a nasty fight before it's over.


I do think apple has alot over others in the tablet and phone, but the new Lenovo Thinkpad has got me drooling.