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It should come as no big surprise to hear that GameStop is starting up a program to sell digital versions of games at physical B&M stores. That's right: digital copies of games, at stores. Why such a mishmash? While customers could purchase the same thing online without messing with the whole in-store routine, it's also worth mentioning that those who visit will be able to apply game trade-in credit toward digital downloads. For those looking to do the swap-and-buy thing, that could a good option.

GameStop is relying on technology from their recent purchase of Impulse, and it appears the company is hoping that these kinds of plans will keep the foot traffic up. It's probably just a matter of time before everything is pushed through digital services, but fortunately for GameStop, that's also probably a long, long way out in reality.

Here is how I picture this new service working.

Customer: I want to buy this digital game.

Employee: Sure, do you have your pre-order slip?

Customer: No, I didn't pre-order

Employee: Sorry we are only letting people who pre-ordered purchase at this time.


I think it's time for gamestop to rethink it's business model with the world going digital; I guess this is a start. They need to be careful or they will become the next blockbuster. Although, it might be a while because of console gaming; once that goes solely online they are done for.


Gamestop already has rethought it's business model. They acquired impulse and are now competing with steam online, with the advantage that you can also buy in store.

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