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28: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - July 15, 2011In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and Half Geeks, Dave, Marco and our resident ¼ Geek Apprentice Michael (Dave's son) build a custom, high-end Gaming System for the winner of our totally awesome Dads and Grads sweepstakes! Enjoy this bad boy, Lamar! And a BIG thanks for entering the sweepstakes everyone! We’ll be announcing the next one soon!

(Be sure to watch all the way to the very end--if you can handle the cuteness!)


*In Keanu Reeve's voice*


Just woke up so going to grab some breakfast and watch this in all it's splendor :)



I just got a message from lbowen and he says i can have the prize computer. So you guys can just send it down my way. *haha*

Hope you enjoy the computer lbowen


LOL Nice, Michael is on his way! So is Izabella 😃. Let her keep it :P


What a nice looking PC. Everything's comprised of premium parts and painstakingly put together, the right way. This seems to be the normal way you guys operate EVERY time. I've never seen you give anything away that was substandard in any way, and it's usually far better than the norm.


We are blessed for sure. :)


Thanks, Neil. Mighty kind of you.


That was so awesome 🙂 You all did a great job putting that behemoth together, Thanks to Dave, Marco, and Michael for superb build work and thanks to Isabella for the final inspection 🙂 Thank you to everyone at HotHardware and all of the sponsors. Going to take lots of pictures of this beauty and some benchmarks to show the power, so stoked!!


Awesome! You even get your own video, I bet that makes the suspense even more unbearable seeing that amazing beast all put together. Great looking PC, I am in love with that case!


Dave_HH wrote:

Thanks, Neil. Mighty kind of you.

It's true.


Haha, great build quality and. You are getting one hell of a machine Lamar, enjoy.

Marco and Dave you definitely have some upcoming geeks in your families 🙂.


LBowen wrote:

and thanks to Isabella for the final inspection :)

"LOL. LOvE this build video, nice to have the biological  family take part on it, and nice to have us, the Hothardware Community Family, getting a chance to watch it. Congrats LBowen. "

"I thought The Thermaltake Level GT 10 was more bulky and intimidating, but It actually looks great and has everything I need, plus that Nice Filter on the side. That Frio cooler is awesome."


Marco C

@Eunoia. 1) In the 20 or so years I've been building systems, I've never had an issue with static buildup, as long as you gound yourself first and are careful not to touch contacts or edge connectors on cards or processors, etc. And yes, for my, it makes cable management easier. You can get all the data cables nicely routed and everything mounted and then set up the power cables one at a time, etc.

2) The heatsink could only go on 1 way, and there are dual fans on that thing, so blowing up and out of the case shoudl work well. I didn't do any real testing, but the thing idles at 37c its the hot as hell in my office.

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