I was searching some forums the other day and stumbled upon this and thought I would share with you guys. I have tried it out and it seems to work pretty good. So give it a try.


Just tried it, thanks for the link.  Couldnt quite get my gpu's goin but i think I get more points with SMP anyway.  It's nice to have everything centralized


Yea I thought it was very nice to have it all in one location. It is a very good program for beginners that are not sure on how to set everything up to run Folding. Are you still running your existin gpu clients or were you wanting to use this for them as well? If so what problems were you having with your gpus.


I also like the PPD estimation that changes when the percentage goes up

Before, I quit running my gpu clients because I found out how much they slow my SMP folding.  But i could not get them working with this FAH tracker.  Do you know what ATI r600 and ATI r700 are?  not sure which one to check for a 5850.  But im going to mess around with it.


When selecting gpus I would select none first and see if it finds your gpus. If nothing happens then I would select the force gpus setup. But if you need to force the setting then the R700 is for the setting to choose for the 5850.

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That's a pretty neat app - thanks for sharing!

I'd try it, but I have the Linux SMP client and Windows GPU client (via Wine) running at the same time on this system perfectly now.


No problem 3vi1.  Just tryin to help out and help the new guys to folding a easier way to setup clients.