Hey.. i've seen people saying go with the dual core for now.. but I'm going to over clock either way.. and the Q6600 only costs $70 more. Since the Quads have 8mb cache compared to 4.. having a dual core and quad core overclocked to the same speed, wouldn't quad core be better.. for games now and also later?

buy E6600 and save money to upgrade your cpu later...well quad cores aren't very good idea right now...even with the new revision,things won't change a lot..my opinion:wait penryn,quad core cpu's or nehalem quad core cpu's...now you don't need quad core cpu,plus now quad cores aren't very "mature"...they have a lot of prob's(tempatures and ofcourse they aren't power efficient..not at all!)
Der Meister

I'd go with the Q6600. then Oc it to 3ghz that would be really nice.

 I haven been thinking about doing that with mine.


The thing is.. i'm not paying for this computer and with the build i've got... it's just at 3k which is where i want it to be. I figure i may as well get the quad core now instead of spending more money again later and spending my own money.  If i'm going to spend money later on.. it's going to be on memory or gpu. lol. And looking at reviews for the quad core.. they all say it's great.  Only cons i've seen is that it has a higher temperature (but i'm getting a zalman 9700) and that games haven't unlocked the full power of quad core yet (but they will and when they do i already have one) lol. And someone said that they got it up to 3.6 ghz and it could still get higher. lol. I won't oc it that high but still. I guess i'm saving some money too cuz I'm getting it in a mobo/cpu bundle. lol. Now... I don't know if i should spend the extra money on the sparkle 8800 gtx calibre card tho. It runs cooler than water cooled and it is much more quiet than the other cards, but it costs a little bit more. If i have to lower the cost down i guess i'll just have to go with the dual core and a cheaper gpu. lol.

Der Meister

just take the plunge :D 

I would be quite stupid to buy now E6600 when you can buy E6750 for less money or if you add few bucks you can buy E6850 which is faster than Core 2 Extreme X6800.
Thunder Chunks

 LaMpir is right. I wouldnt go for the E6600, especialy now the quad core variant is so cheap. If you do go for Quad core, make sure you go for the soon to be released G0-stepping (SLACR) Q6600 flavour. It is the same price as the older B3 version but consumes 10W less power (almost 10% less). People will be trying to get rid of the B3 stock so make sure you get the more up to date version.

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