I am thinking about upgrading, but I am not sure I will see enough of a difference to make it worth it.  I am not a huge gamer, just love technology and do alot of picture and video editing.  right now I run the pentium D 950 with a ati radeon x850 pro video card and 1gb ddr ram.  Sometimes I think I should just get another gig of ram and make it ddr2 with a pci express video card.  What do ya think.  I have a great heat sink so I do not have problems with the cpu overheating.  I do understand the c2d runs cooler and you can't compare the mgz between the two.  Any advise would be great. Thanks!


Well... my last system was powered by a Pentium D 820 @ stock speed(2.8ghz), 2gb DDR2(533mhz) and a pci-e 7800GT 256mb(slightly OC'ed). The "real-world" performance difference overall is about 25-30% IMO. Since I'm a gamer I am able to consistently reap the benefits of these gains, but since you are not you may want to just shoot for the extra gig of ram. If you're going to be working with large HD videos and/or just want to have some power for later, then you may want a new drivetrain(CPU & GPU).


I'm agreed with you.

Gaming depends on the L2 cache and a higher frequency will benefit you a lot on video editting.