So I've hit a wall. So far I've overclocked my e6320 to 2.22 Ghz and for a while that seemed to be enough but now I feel that I need more but theres a a problem. Everytime I try to set my fsb over 1270 the comp doesnt start and I have to reset my CMOS. I overclocked my 3 gigs of ram to 634 ghz from 533 and tried to go past 1270 again but no luck. So iI need help, what should I do?

my volts:



cpu vtt-1.35


I'm using a abit fatal1ty fp-in9 sli mobo with a 500w antec psu and two sticks of 512mb samsung ram and two more sticks of kingstone 1gb ram. Thanks.


The ram is most likely what's holdin you back. Here's a cheap upgrade from newegg!


 ah well I'd really like to get some better ram but I really cant afford it.

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