I want to build a render farm. Adding a new system evey 12-18 months to the farm. But with with Intel's Tic-Toc, Im not shore what route to take.

I want at least an 8core for my nexted system. I did think of a dual Xeon but where Ill be building a new system evey 12-18 months and with Intel coming out with multi-core desktop cpu's. So, my thinking says dont go with Xeon for now. Im also thinking about cost here.

So, should I add a new system 12-18 months or should I spend the money on two or four Xeon's systems. The systems will be replaced after a few years.

Shane c.
Der Meister
i can help with this some...
nice little tut on building one,1697,1815797,00.asp

just add a new system when you get the chance.

Ya, think going with a desktop multi-core cpu is the way to go?
Even with the systems CPU cost a grand, the systems would only cost $2000-2500 each.

Shane C.
Der Meister
yes the multi core would be the way to go i have seen a rendering PC that had 8 cores and 16gb of ram, it was made by Boxx. Needless to say it rendered (with brazil) a highly ray trace scene extremely fast, it also ran two quadro cards in sli. but i think a quadro card or a rendering card would do better as well.

but i also think a fram comprised of say many singe core PC's could do just as well if not a tad bit better because the task would be more split. i believe that the article took a bunch of cheep pcs and did some good work with them. i guess it really depends on how much you want to spend on it.
when building multiple systems for a farm consider the power draw and what the monthly power bill might be. it may be cheaper to setup a blade center where a pair of 1kw PSU's power a box full of blades with 2 CPUs per blade rather than separate systems with 2 CPUs each and 400-500 watt PSUs
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