I've just gone into my BIOS for the first time in months and it's telling me my Intel Pentium D 3.2Ghz is running at 75.5 degrees idol, this can't be healthy. I recently bought an Alaska fan and heatsink for it so I see no reason for this, can anyone offer any advice?
I believe you are running a prescott, (they tend to run hot like that) and when you installed the Alaska fan, did you replaced the Thermal Paste (the white thing in the cpu)? if you didn't then is time for you to get some artic5 which would help you. Also is you case mod? if is not then that why is not getting any cold air in, by getting cold air in swap the hot air and your system become more healthier (Gosh I sound like a fitness person) either way. Give us your System Spec's and if you could provide .jpg would be even better.
Right, cheers for the help, I can't get a pic just yet but I will have one by tonight. The case is pretty standard with touch screen buttons. Would it say in the bios if I was running a prescott? I'm not quite sure if the thermal paste was replaced as my Dad did it for me. My specs are:

Asus P5R Mobo
2 Gb value branded RAM
Intel Pentium D Processor

Cheers, John.
Google CPUZ , good luck
I've taken a screenshot of CPU-Z's results, but have no idea how to put them in my post, any help?
upload your pic to an online imaging storage place such as photobucket and then post the IMG tag (it'll put the href, IMG and one other below your actual picture) in your message

I also noticed that CPU-Z sees 2GB of RAM, when I got to look at the memory tab it shows 1GB in slot one and the rest as empty. Thanks.
Do u insert the RAM to correct slot???
CPU temp is 75 degrees ~~
and ur system temp?? if system temp is right , u should replace ur CPU fan or anew smear some heat conduction silica gel on CPU ~ that's my suggestions ~ hope can help u
my english is not good ~SORRY
What kind of case do you have by the way? As was previously stated, it would be from a lack of airflow through the case.......Also when is the last time you cleaned out all the dust etc...from it? (could be another thing that will lower ur temps a bit).

Your CPU is known to go upwards of ~70*.......Anything around 80* is getting real hot however. So I would check the above (what i said) and check back in
Remove your heatsink and fan, then reseat ensuring you use adequate amounts of thermal paste.

Also it may be worth updating your bios, as the temps your getting in the bios could be an error.

Good luck with it.

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