I don't multitask much at all and games most likely won't be coded for more than two cores for at least two more years(just a prediction).
Both the PS2 and the XBOX 360 use multi cores, so I think that is actually one of the first industrys that will start taking advantage of multi-cores.
No multicores on the PS2 - but yes on the PS3, and yes the industry is slowly moving that way but it's looking like a slow and painful process
Der - I'm hearing that the xeons are due by the end of the year, but I think I'll buy AMD this time around simply because intel looks to have a whole new cpu/chipset/fsb/etc startin mid '07 or so, and I don't want to junk anything I buy by the years end - I'd like to upgrade the cpu next year at about this time, and it looks like AMD is going to make that happen.
Der Meister
they have a quad core out and running. i think its the qx6700... i want it so bad... INTEL GIVE ME ONE ILL TEST IT FOR YOU, FOR FREE!!!
My big question is about which platform gets the 2.66ghz version. From what I've seen that's a socket 771 (not 775) but I'd like to see it get to 775 as well.
AMD suffers a big blow it seems. Intels Quad will be out soon and AMD atleast 6 months later...

Not to mention that AMD's quad core performance is still a big question mark. There is a lot of talk about what it might and might not have feature wise and even with a given feature set it's only speculation how it'd perform.

Again I'm going to state that AMD would have been wise to have had an accelerated release timetable from about 2005. They really needed to be at 3.2ghz or so by the time Conroe hit the street.
They may be concentrating on developing a new chiset, now that they have merged with ATI. Currently the Nvidia ones seem to run too hot. It would be nice if they could put out something that was fast, ran cool, and was ultra stable.

We haven't heard anything about anything coming out of that merger, but I think that its because AMD is keeping it secret. Intel is trying real hard to get the detail on their merger. I think I heard something about them takeing legal action to try and get the details.
I'm not convinced that AMD is going to be giving ATi any new insider info that they didn't have access to before. ATi's chipsets have generally lagged behind rival nVidia's and I think that both sides have had plenty of info - it's just that nVidia has developed slightly better hardware and has a great team to write their drivers. ATi has usually been a jump or two behind nVidia in the chipset market, but I think they're catching up. It took them a long time to get their drivers on par with nVidia's for graphics.
I sure that they didn't just merge for no reason. They should be able to put their resouces together and produce stuff more efficently, faster, and better. Of course they just merged. You can't expect them to do it over night. I've been looking at AMDs site a lot lately and they have a lot of deals going on. They seem to be working on getting something big together. I think they are going to suprise us all of a sudden.
I'm sure they merged for a reason, but I doubt AMD/ATi (DAAMIT) will be brushing nvidia off. It's in their best interest to keep standards open to all who wish to buy in.
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