Ok guys here is what im looking to do. I bought a HP custom built machine a few months ago and its real nice but i hate all the added software that comes with the windows xp home that came installed on it. So i want to do a clean install of windows xp pro so i just have the barebones windows stuff on my machine. I have two problems with this that i need help with. First, i had tried this once before and after i did alot of my hardware had yellow exclimations next to them in the device manager cause the drivers were no longer installed for all that stuff other then just my video card and audio card. What i was thinking about doing is copying my System 32 folder over to another computer on my network and after i install xp pro i can search that old folder that has all the drives that are already on my machine now and install it that way. If you could give me any pointers on this that would be great also. Second there is a small partition of about 5 gig set aside on my main hard drive that holds the backup files to reformat and install the current version of hp windows xp home. I want to delete that partition and make my hard drive back into one full drive and then install windows xp pro. Can anyone give me some steps for doing all this please? Thanks.
Make sure you have an old copy of WIN 95, 98, NT, or ME because the XP Pro installation . Format the drive after booting with a WIN98 boot disk(Which you can download from microsoft) and then start the XP install. Insert the WIN 95, 98, NT, or ME disk when it tells you to.
Well what i sorta had in mind was, i got a boot disk and im gonna delete both partitions with fdisk and then create a new one using the full amount of available hard drive space.
Check to see if drivers are available for download from HP's website before you do that. Also, the trick with the system32 folder won't work - A lot of getting drivers installed is getting them to be loaded when the computer starts up, and them just being there won't do it. They have to be listed correctly in the registry, and that's hard to do by hand. The best thing to do would be to do a full backup (just in case), then download all the drivers available for your system from HP's website, burn 'em onto CDs (or write them to a secondary hard drive), then fdisk + clean install, then do a hardware detection from the control panel and get the drivers all installed from the downloads.