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I am thnkiing of getting the Antec LanBoy case for my next PC. Problem is I have a Live! Drive. I want to know if the volume control knobs that stick out of the live drive will stop me shutting the front door of the case. Normally if this was a problem I would just set the live drive back in the case so the volume controls were level with the rest of the case but I don't know if this is possible with the LanBoy having drive rails. Can anyone help?

knowing antec being a leading brand of cases and other stuff i think that the volume knob shouldnt interfe with the door shuting but i am not quite sure :cool:

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There may be a problem. The door on all Antec's and most other cases don't provide that much room for things like knobs. There is a chance that it will fit behind the door since the knobs on the Live! drive don't protrude too far out. But if I were you, I would go and find out if you can set the drives back in the case before buying it just in case it doesn't fit.