I guess this goes here it is about motherboards,
I got this new computer right when windows xp came out and it worked great only weird thing was that you had to make your own windows xp cd from a partion on the hard drive. I think that it was called recover cd's. This is ok untill now because these cds are made only for This brand of pc and when i replaced the motherboard it couldnt detect it as the same brand any more so i am un ably to reinstall the xp cd does any one know their way around this. it is driveing me crazy and i dont want to buy a new windows.
I know it sucks, but the only legal way (that I can think of) of doing this is to buy a new copy of XP.
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Yeah it's an OEM version of XP and it is only meant to be used on the PC it shipped with. Costs the company less to use an OEM version so it saves them money.
you may be able to contact either the computer manufacturer's or microsoft's customer support and tell them your situation. in the mean time try to elaborate a little more about your problem. Will the cd just not install? If so does it give you an error message? blah blah blah?
Get yourself a pirated version. Microsoft has enough money already.
i bought myself a legal copy aswell, but after oc'ing "to much", win xp, concluded that my specs had changed "to much".

Since then, i reinstall it once a month
Legal copy? I'm still waiting for my computer to say "Arr, Matey! Tis' a fine OS ye be runnin' 'ere!"
well lets see when i put it in the real system since it dosant have an OS it boots to the cd and says this cd is made for HP computers only. But i think that hidden in these 8 cds is an xp upgrade because while looking around in them with a no brand computer running win 98 i found this setup that when i click on it says preparing to update your computer with xp but than says no info.exe file found on your computer. Than gives you a chance to find it. If i put the old mobo in i should be able to reinstall xp before switching back and it will work right?
It might work if you're using another HP MoBo that code is in the bios,,,have you notice that when it boots the first thing you see is the Hp logo?????????
YES and this is the motherboard that came with computer But i retired it because i need fire wire and motherboard was extreamly cheep like intergrated video that says it has 64mb of shared mem but cant even run nba live 2003 with out jumping
legal software