i think the subject says it all. to elaborate i was putting a retail athlon xp heatsink onto my 9500pro. I drilled holes in the heatsink to match the holes in the vid card. i rigged a pci slot to add extra support to the video card. everything was going perfectly until....

A *****IN SCREW BROKE!!!!!!!!!!

so there i was with a screw sitting 1/2 inch deep in solid aluminum at just the right angle to where i could get it off of the card.... i had to unscrew the broken half with a pair of plyers and by the time i got it off the card no longer worked. it was such a well laid plan until a cheap screw ruined my day. it turned out once the screw got through the heatsink and started going out the other side, one of the fins started to tilt the screw the wrong direction and the pressure of screw driver broke the head of the screw off.....

im gonna try and RMA the card and say i dont know what went wrong (hey its worth a shot) and to cheer myself up and went out and bought a 9700pro, which i will never attempt to mod EVER! looks like no pc3500 for me this week
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*lol* that sucks... sorry I have to laugh... bwhahaha.

Least you got a nice new 9700Pro, how much did you pay?

9700Pro's are still too expensive here in Australia. They must have dropped a whole $50 AUD since being released monthes ago. :mad:
that sucks ass dude.... you should've had me there to give ya a hand you can probably rma it..... or, here is what i would do...

doesn't the 9500pro and the 9700pro look the same?? if so, go return your 9700pro...but put the 9500pro in there

where did u get the cards? just bestbuy?? then it would probably work
nah the 9700pro has the L shaped ram, the 9500pro has the ram all lined up
goblin king
Cut 2 chips of ram out of the line and then glue them back into the L-shape
meh even if that would work....

too lazy
ill buy that dead 9500 pro from u?
i'd give it a try....what are they going to do..hehe, they can just be like, no

anyway... if your not gonna try and take it back, or rma it....let me mess with it, maybe i can figure her out
from all I can see I scraped over 1 little trace with my plyers, I might try a conductive pen and re-connect the trace and see if I have any luck.

steve1215: id like to try to either fix it, or send it back for a new one, then sell my ti4200. 9700 or not I did spend 200 on that 9500 so if I can get it working id like to hold on to my $200 investment.


Least you got a nice new 9700Pro, how much did you pay?

$299 at bestbuy, the 9500's were 219.99 so I figured the extra $80 would be worth the investment.