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Alrighty then, this is my first networking job (im 15...). And my client assumes that i know what im doing...and i dont.

He wants to network the 3 systems to share files and resources, printers and internet. They all have network cards. After doing sum research i found it easy enough to chuck 2 NIC's in the desktop and make it act as a server. Haveing the printer and net accesible via the server, with the network cards connected from the clients.
Is this the best way of going about it? And i have been told macs can't network with non-macs, is it possible to network the 3 in another topology using minimal hardware?
okay, i don't know about the Mac...not being a Mac user makes it hard for me to judge how hard, or if it would even work on the network.

as for the Desktop and the Laptop...yes, you have the right idea. to share a broadband connection i feel the easiest (and least stressful) way is definately to stick 2 NIC's into the server.
that is, if he has broadband. if it's dial up, it doesn't make any difference.

the connection route should look like this :

wall outlet for broadband --> broadband modem --> 1st NIC in server --> 2nd NIC in server to Hub/Router/Switch or other computer.

once you get that all established, you gotta set up the IP's for the network.
set the server IP to "", then set the client computers to "", "", etc...

let me know if i need to be more clear about any of this. networking is a tough area to explain. one little setting can disrupt the entire setup.

good luck and may the farce be with you.
I would suggest using a broadband router/switch.

This way you get a DHCP sever, which makes things much easier when unplugging/plugging in the laptop.

Once they are all plugged in, there are network setup wizards that do the rest.

I believe a MAC can connect to a windows network using Appletalk.

I have had nightmares setting up a similar network.

A router/switch solved the problem, and has worked flawlessly since (it is a Linksys)
i agree, just get a 4 port router with a built in switch. Ive never used a mac but if its anything like linux, there will be a setup program/file somewhere where you can tell it to connect to a windows workgroup/domain. Just set the computer to the same windows workgroup and it should be set. remember macs are supposed to be sooooooo easy to use
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So if only using a dial-up connection i'd forget about using the router and just connect the clients via the NIC's. Do all the systems need to be running the same OS? So any hadware installed on the server, can be accessible through the clients.
if he's running Dial-up, you can either run extra NIC's, or a Router, Hub, Switch...

the computers don't need to be running the same OS, but it would make things a lot simpler if they're both running winXP. winXP is the most network friendly. it sets up just about everything for you once the physical connections are made. :cool:

not ALL hardware will be accessible thru to the clients. scanners and printers, yes. but i believe you have to run some kind of software of set something up on the server side that will give you access to stuff like the CD-Rom or CD Burner.

hope this helps some.
I shared my floppy drive becuase I was too lazy to take the disk out and walk over to my other computer :rolleyes:
I agree, this is a very interesting topic.. But I also need some help. I have two XP pc's on my network (of 200 clients) which NEED to talk to two MACs (amongst other pc's), but they dont. I then checked on the microsoft site only to find that windows has stopped supporting the appletalk protocol.. Is there anyway around this? Please help..

Another question..
How do you share your modem and dailup connection on a network? I would like to dialup through my win98 pc from my laptop to the internet. Both laptop and win98 pc are on a home network. Thanx..
No, you need Appletalk.
if the Macs are running OS X then you can install Samba support. that'll allow you to see windows shares on the mac. if you setup a samba server on the mac then you can set a share which you'll be able to share with the pcs.