Hello everyone!

I've got a stumper for ya! I've got 10+ years experience with building, hacking, tweaking PC's. Before that is was Amiga's and Commodore 64's & 128's.

Here's what I've got. This is a system to be used for playing back MPEG1, and MPEG2 movies on demand. So not a very fancy system.

Abit BF6, Celeron 466 PPGA w/slotkit, 128meg Micron PC100 RAM, ATI Rage Fury with TV Out, SB-LIVE! Vaule, 40x CD-ROM, 20gig IBM 7200rpm ATA-66 HD, usual keyboard, mouse, FDD.

Ok.. Here we go...

Order the parts, assemble the system. Upon power up I notice something right away. Hard drive and CD-ROM startup. About 2-3 seconds into their powerup, their power is cut for about 3/4 seconds, then their powerup continues. CD-ROM seems to recover ok, but the HD doesn't like it. I hear the stepper motor clicking away like mad for about a minute. Computer does not see the hard drive there. Upon several resets & power up's and down, the comptuer will sometimes see the hard drive.

I swap CPU's, Hard Drives, video cards, memory, cables, powersupplies, and even have another BF6 shipped to me. Still the same problem. If I disconnect the IDE cable, HD powers up just fine. No power cutoff. If I take the HD to another computer it works perfectly. Sound card is not in the system.

If I use an old 540meg Maxtor drive, it get's to about 90% of spinup, then it's power cut's out for about 3/4 sec, then comes back up and the system see's the drive.

Yes, all the cables are connected correctly. I even thought it might be some kinda short circuit with the motherboard and standoff's in the case so I assembled the computer on the workbench out of the case, with no luck.

I have talked to the tech support of the company I bought the parts from. We had the same idea that the MB might be bad, so they shipped a new one. But the problem is still there. I'm going to call them again and see what they say.

About the only thing I can think of is either the system is possesed (If so, I know by who ). Or possible bad batch of BF6's?

So any ideas or help would be wonderful. Although I have a hunch I'm going to have to ship the system off and have them look at it.

Thanks in advance!

-Lord Garth

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You try changing the BIOS settings around?

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This may sound crazy but try a different power supply.
Actually I have tried both your suggestions. I have sent the 2 BF6 motherboars I had back and they are going to send me a BE6-II, so I'll see how that works.

Thanks for the suggestions!