I bought Radeon 9500 Pro and guess what?

Nope, it works great!
Wonderful perofrmance! :cool:

One thing though - sometimes there are slight glitches and the HD would hum and load something, sometimes the glitches can last a couple of seconds. I believe it has nothing to do with the card, but with the HD.

My HD is 5400RPM, 100 ATA, 30GB. When I bought the PC (a long time ago) I wanted to put a 7200RPM instead but he said that it won't make any difference. Is that so?:rolleyes:

Do you think I should consider buying a Western Digital 7200RPM 8MB cache (special version)? Does the cache make much difference in terms of reading/transfer speed?:rolleyes:

Over 60% of my HD is fragmented and no matter how many times I defrag, no matter in which app. it is done, it stays above 60%. Perhaps that was the cause of these glitches... Format? :rolleyes:

Also, my registry is 88MB. Is there a way to 'clean' it up? Or should I simply format?:rolleyes:
i would get the WD 80gig 8meg cache hard drive... it makes a big difference... and a full format always helps, make sure you defrag regularly...

w[censored]ver said a 7200rpm hd wouldn't help is crazy