I recently bought a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live 5.1 audio card. I installed the drivers from the CD and hooked up my Logitech 5.1 speakers and all sounded great. I heard sound from all speakers and could play Dungeon Siege and Tiger Woods 2003. My problem started when I tried to play Warcraft 3, Arx Fatalis or C&C Generals. The games would load but after about 20 seconds after loading would freeze with an odd sound coming from the speakers (from only 2 I believe). I have tried updating my drivers but one of three things happens depending on the drivers (I have tried a dozen from message boards, driver sites, and even Creative) Either the driver update freezes my PC, the drivers only use 2 speakers, or I boot up to a blinking cursor. I am on Win 98 and need help !!!!

Again, the speakers work in some games but not others. I have checked IRQ settings and they seem fine. I have turned down HW acceleration. I have made sure Direct X 8 is fine and can test the speakers fine in dxdiag.

Any ideas ?
Download the newest drivers for your soundcard. Then do a reboot. As the computer restarts hold down CTRL. It should give you a prompt to boot up in different modes. Select SAFE MODE. After it boots install your drivers. This should eliminate the freezes while installing the updated drivers. As for the game probs. I hope that the update fixes it, but if it dosent hopefully someone else will be able to help you further. Good Luck.
Post your spec...Chipset/Mobo etc... the safe mode install is good, but try switching PCI slots too, use the furthest from AGP (usually slot5)
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