Yep my first time, Going there with lots of people.
Anyone here could help me with places that are must see ? beside the obvious ones.

Who knows I could also see some of you guys!
Must see? There's nothing that's really must see, but maybe that's because I've been seeing it my whole life.

Don't bother with the Statue of Liberty, you can't go up there anymore ever since the whole 9/11 thing. It sucks because the Statue of Liberty and the WTC were really the big landmarks in New York. I guess you'll want to check out the Empire State Building, Museum of Natural History, etc.

You should also swing by Gray's Papaya (corner of 8th Ave. and 37th Street). That's my favorite spot. If you head into Brooklyn, you must go to Junior's Cheesecakes (whatever you do, don't act like a tourist). Times Square also has all that MTV crap, the biggest Toys 'R' Us in the world, and some other stuff. Definately check out some Broadway shows if you have the time, they are the best thing about NY. You also have Caroline's Comedy Club which usually has big headliners.
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I suggest you go to Harlem

Originally posted by Bog_666
I suggest you go to Harlem

Why would he want to do that? The people that live in Harlem don't want to go to Harlem.
Just don't visit Brownsville in Brooklyn.

I highly suggest Juniors.

They have insane cheesecake.

I like personally love to eat at the ESPN zone cause I am a huge sports fan, but even if you hate sports, they make a good burger.

Basically tell us what your hobbies are and what you want to see and we'll hook you up.

However you'll have to find your own ladies.

Originally posted by Richard12
However you'll have to find your own ladies.

Damn! Theres always a catch!
Well I mean that I won't tell you were the you know what hang out.

Scores? Bah! That place is expensive and it's the only difference between that and any other place is that Howard Stern goes there and promotes the hell out of it on his show.

As for Brooklyn, Brownsville ain't so bad (there's just nothing to see there). But if you aren't black, I wouldn't get off the train at Bedford-Stuyvesant. Just a warning...
No worry, my hotel is in Manathan 42nd street(10th avenue) I guess I'lls tay in the area, im onyl there till thursday Night, but I'll try to visit a lot.

Thx for the tips, I guess I'll ahve to at least go see a show, unless its really really expensive.
Brownsville is definetly worse then Bed-Stuy.

What play are you going to see?
go to one of the many beautiful housing projects in new york, youre always sure of a warm welcome (and a bullet in the chin) from the wonderful people that live there.

Originally posted by hugekebab
go to one of the many beautiful housing projects in new york, youre always sure of a warm welcome (and a bullet in the chin) from the wonderful people that live there.

That's just not true at all.

Anyhow, when you're in Manhattan just stay below 100th Street in the night time. It's not exactly tourist friendly up above that point.

Lower Manhattan, where the numbers stop and you get a bunch of confusing ass names, has the best hang outs and stuff. 42nd and Tenth? What Hotel is that? W Hotel?
See even where I live it has it's problems.

You just know don't go to certain area's wearing certain things or looking to buy drugs.

If your smart and don't dress flashy you will have no problem.
TRavel Inn is the hotel.
By flashy Richard you mean ?? who knows maybee in NY it is different(meaning I mean)

For the play I wait to see no idea, if something sounds interesting, ill check it.
Don't worry about dressing flashy. Nothing is going to happen to you as long as you don't wander into the ghettos wearing a Rolex watch. We make it sound much worse than it actually is. You're on vacation. I doubt you will be riding the subway into Brooklyn, walking down 125th Street, or taking short cuts through back alleys. I'm sure you'll have a great time here in NYC.

Watch out for those [censored]ing cabbies though. They are going to try and rip you off. Make sure you learn the streets somewhat (it's very easy). Otherwise they will take you in circles and jack the fare up.