Dual Tualatin PIII 1.2 Ghz Vs P4 1.7Ghz

Which Server Its faster ? who can give more info about benchmarks...

I have a server with hig cpu loads which choice its better 4 me ?

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Depends whether all your applications support dual CPUs ... if they do then the dual setup will be better, but otherwise just get a single fast CPU - surely U can get more than 1.7GHz fro the price of a dual 1.2 rig ??
appz are perl, php scripts...

We have hosted high load sites, and a big fomum... we are over linux 7.3, and the price i found its the same for both servers...

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Can U post the full spec of each option, then I can make a more informed decision.

Highly multithreaded webservers should run very well on dual CPUs - though I would confirm that your individual applications support SMP, just to make sure.
I don know really if they support MP, i just can tell you tha i did offer web hosting (cgi enabled)

i'm over 300 web sites on this server i;m some times i'm getting high cpu alerts, i;m just looking 4 a way to minimize this issue.

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By "full spec" :: I meant each hardware configuration of the servers you are potentially choosing from....

What CPU U currently using ????

1.7GHz P4 should handle a decent ammount, though the dual 1.2GHz solution seems very tempting.

Maybe better to hold off for another month then get an even faster CPU as prices fall further.

I assume they will employ SCSI RAID ?

How about, buying a dual CPU capable server, but with one CPU initialy and adding another once you can afford it --- that would be the best option IMO 'cos U could get 1.7GHz P4 now and upgrade to dual 1.7GHz P4's latter.

Have U considered AMD options ???
What AMD Options do you recomend, in details my datacenter jut offer 3 high spped servers..

p4 1.7 / Dual Tualatin 1.2 / xp2100 / Dual Xeon P4 (too much expensive)

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From original post I summed U were getting new rig's, hence my request for full spec.

It now seems you are upgrading your current ones - right ?

so what do your current mobo's support ?

You can get good priced Tyan dual Athlon MP boards with onboard SCSI @ decent prices

If your getting a new mobo, get a dual CPU board but with one fast CPU, and add a second CPU later. - D'oh forgot can't have dual P4 --- maybe a Dual Xeon board with 1 Xeon to start ? -- or a dual MP board ( much cheaper )

Im going out right now, but if I get chance later I'll post some links to suggested parts / pre-builds.