I just though I'd say hey to everyone since I'm new to the forums. Right now I have a pos Toshiba Satellite laptop (aka the [censored]Heap) which will be sold this summer so I can build my own system. What do u guys think of this system...

-Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo
-Chieftec server case
-Antec psu at least 400W
-xp 2600+ 333fsb
-2 x 256mb crucial pc2700
-Seagate 80gb hdd
-Lite-on 16x dvd
-Lite-on cdrw
-19" crt, undecided

I haven't decided if I want to go with the Seagate SATA hdd or just ATA 100. Also, anyone have recommendations on what monitor to get? Which card would be better....Radeon 9500 pro or Ti 4400? I've also been reading that Corsair ram is really good so if I have the budget for it this summer I may get that. One last thing, what is a good processor fan for this setup? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Welcome to the forum.

Now, let's get down to your questions. SATA is still too new, and immature, for it to be completely reliable. I, personally, don't trust it too much right now but if you're not upgrading until the summer months it should be perfected by then. I would leave the hard drive as one of the last things you buy.

With the video card, definately get the Radeon 9500 PRO. It not only smokes the Ti4400, it smokes the Ti4600 as well. But once again, if you're not upgrading until summer there should definately be some new advancements in the video card field.

Basically, right now your upgrade is months away. Don't decide on anything until you are about to actually buy it because you never know what will be out by then. Just sit back for now, read up on the components you're interested in, and see what's available when you're actually ready. The system you outlined would be fantastic if you were buying it tomorrow. But who knows what's going to happen by the summer.
Yeah Dante I know what you mean by not deciding on anything til I get ready to buy, but I'm thinking the system I outlined will be more than enough to last me at least through school (next 2 years). Also, if I stick to bascially what I pick out now, some of the parts will be cheaper by summer. I'm guessing I'll have a budget of around $1000-1200 this summer. I don't and will not need the newest video card, processor, etc...that's why I'm trying to get some opinions of people who know a lot more about computers than me. Thanks for your reply.

Dante said it all... The only thing I would change, if you were buying it tomorrow, would be to step up the RAM to PC3200 CAS2 (preferably Corsair ), but since you're not buying right away I'd just read up on what's going on in the computer world.
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yeh wait till nearer tha sure the will be faster cpu's out

what do you want your pc for hardcore gaming or just word processing etc? thats allways a factor to consider

non gaming pc = 500-, gaming pc = 1000+

..oh yeh, welcome here
Well everyone has already beat me to the suggestions, so all I can say is Welcome Hope you decide to stick around!
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i bet this thread will get at least 80 pages long just like "hey"
If U were buying now, Id say as U suggested except Barton2500 ( & OC it if need be ), R9500Pro, Corsair XMS PC3200 CAS2 .

As your not buying yet, welcome to the forums, be sure to stick arround and post again before U decide to buy, that way we can make sure U R aware of the best available when U are buying.

Personally Id say get Seagate Baracuda V SATA150 120Gb 'cos it is an awesome drive .. byt the summer SATA will be even more popular and 10,000 rpm drives should exist

oh, and get a Sony FD Trinitron CRT or a Hitachi CML174SXWB TFT ( get the former for > 1280x1024, or the latter otherwise )

Originally posted by Bog_666
i bet this thread will get at least 80 pages long just like "hey"

Some how I agree to.. Because someone else will start on a different topic then all of a sudden BOOM!!! 800 posts!
It's already happening.
C'mon this is just silly, if we want to ramble on with random posts then lets use the Longest Thread ....

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