I run it on XP with 41.09 and my sweet Athlon 1.2GHz.The VGA card was set to Agressive because some problems(windows freeze on 3Dmark03 if it's Balanced???)

Anyway my result is 1247oes this good,normal or low?

Originally posted by CjD
my m8s system scored 4650, i'm yet to try my sys.

As I see you are running on R8500 64MB and get such a high result with it?Thats make me think that 3DMark03 is much better not only with good VGA and with fast CPU or big RAM?Which of this two then?
you will get a substantially better score with a graphics card that supports dx9
I agree but I mean that maybe fast processor can make much biger 3D score?
3DMark03 is pretty much processor and ram independant (within reason ) but yes if you have a p4 3ghz with everything else the same it will score higher than a p4 2ghz but the largest difference will come from graphics card by a large margin.
Will see I'm gona take new mobo or faster CPU (only AMD)
so you have to choose between a new cpu and mobo, is that it?
If I have a deffect in the modo I'll take new CPU....
it is true, 2001se runs on the cpu power because i made a test with my 2.4 p4 and my 2.0 celeron and the 2.3 scores WAY MUCH HIGER!!! and is teh same ram, same mobo same card, i tested in 3dmarks 2003 and the 2.4 just goes up by slightly a few points

dont hate 3dmarks2003 for showing the true self of nvidia.. geforce sux

and im gonna kick ur ass if u tell me nvidia doesnt suck "dont come aroudn with that fx bs cux i'll go with the 9800 pro and i kick yo ass"
Agreed here.Gforce now sux . I was a die hard fan of nvidia for the last 3 years with their gforce 2 etc...but ati deliver a 1,2 punch KO in nvidia face with their radeon 9500 + video card.

Being less nuts i would have bought the 9500 pro instead of the 9700 pro..but i decide to throw away money out of the window 2 weeks ago and get the best card available.Im sure someone with the new radeon 9800 can do some amazing score( considering 9800 support directx 9a)

Cant score with your gforce? Your right.I was not able to do a decent score.Simply grab then a radeon 9500 pro(its directx9 compliant so it can do the job) and you will do bit score.

New cpu will help,but you will TRIPLE your pc performance by switching from gforce to radeon.

Me i cant wait to mid may till intel slash their price on their current cpu, then ill be able to upgrade from a 1.4 to 2500 or 2600xp for not that much and do hell of amazing score.

and will come post them here....
what does intel has to do with athlon XP cores?

DX9 is teh same as DX9a, im growing tired of typign this in the past 10 posts

DX9 = beta
DX9A = final non beta "can be downloaded from"

in other words DX9 has alwaysbeen DX9 if it was like 9 to 9.1 means some majors changes have ben made, now from 9 to 10 is a whole new DX

so in conclution

DX9A is the old DX9beta but fixed and now a final free product
Ok well the guy at the store i bought my radeon 9700 told me that.I guess he didnt informed me well about difference between 9700 and 9800

Anyway im proud and happy with my new purchase , i love this card i play battlefield with 4x aa and 16 x asfliter in 1024 and its smooth.Its the best purcahse i have ever did for my pc gaming.
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Thought I'd keep this thread alive....

P4 2.4B @ stock
Leadtek Geforce4 Ti4600 @ 310/729
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Now that I have the time I might install this app on some of my older machines & see what impressively LOW scores I can get. A friend of mine got 88 with a Geforce2 MX 200, I might see if I can beat him! 😛
I just got my new video card back from RMA (Leadtek ti4600)
and these are my scores.

2100+ TB @ 2342mhx
video card @ 315/720