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I run WIN2k and have a hard drive partitioned into 3:

d: = My data
e: = Another version of Win2K (for video editing)

What I want to do is to add a second hard drive, either as a Slave on the Primary IDE or as a Slave on the secondary IDE (I have a cd rw as Master on the Secondary IDE at present).

I have Norton Ghost at my disposal, but I am not sure what I should do first. Should I wire up the drive, then partition it the same as the first, and then format it with FDISK?

Or should I wire up the drive and then use Norton Ghost to clone the first without partitioning and formatting it first?

As soon as the first drive has been cloned I plan to unwire it and move it to a safe place.

If anyonecan give me some clues or tips I would greatly appreciate it.

Try using a RAID array If you can use it or have it in the MOBO.
I thinjk (I am not sure) norton Ghost will do all the dirty work..partitioning and then copy the files. Go to the help files as I am searching for data to help you.
Of have to wire the driver first and I recommend you to put it on the secoin channel as master and the CDRW as slave. That will make the channel not too saturated bye the two HDDs.
I would recommend to use the second option you have. Wire first and run norton ghost. As I said befor, I think it will do all the dirty work.