Hello All

Wondering if i made right decision many months ago reinstalling my WD Black 1TB internally into my main desktop as my newer 4TB WD Black drive wasn't much used space on it and i felt i was wasting it being internal, so then i moved it to external enclosure.

Was that a wrong Decision?

Should i reinstall my WD Black 4TB internally into my Main Desktop

and Make the 1TB External if needed for extra storage

Also have Seagate SMR 8TB external that i use for system backup images

Any advice is appreciated

Do have M.2 Boot 500gb SSD and 1TB Game SSD

Motherboard is Gigabyte B460M-DS3H

Intel 10700

Geforce 1660 Super

Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB M.2

Samsung 860 Evo 1TB Game SSD

Western Digital Black 1TB for extra storage

External Western Digital Black 4TB

External Western Digital My Passport 2TB

External Seagate 8TB SMR Image backup drive

External Western Digital Elements 500GB (2003)

and assortment of flash drives