Good day everyone.

I have the opportunity to switch my 6700-nonk for an 5820k it worths it?

here's my actual rig:

>> i target to play at 60fps 1080p <<

I7 6700 nonk

gtx 1070 asus dual

32gbs ram (2x16) 2133mhz

psu : EVGA 850w B2

1tb hdd

2 ssd

23inches monitor.

so the actual deal is that i like to multi task a bit and even stream at some times(and sometimes i'm cpu limitted by certain games because of my background processes).

im getting the opportunity to switch my i7 6700 for an i7 5820k, so i though ok .. my CPU is not overclockeable but performance a bit better than the other one, so why not switch it for the 5820k which has more cores (6 instead of 4) and overclock it a little bit to match the performance of my 6700(or beat it if its possible ofcourse), so im still a little bit doubtfull, because i've never overclocked in my life and its scary, and i dont know if even with that overclocking the cpu will be better or equal than my 6700.

list of some games i play:

Apex legends

Genshin impact

Ghost recoon wildlands

Destiny 2


(Now and then some RTS like starcraft 2 or CIV)

I also want to play CyberPunk2077.

letting clear that the trade of CPU'S will include a new motherboard ofcourse the X99 WIFI

Thank you very much have a great day.