While I could not even guess as to what "parsererror" signifies, I will begin by saying that I am old (70) and very confused by something which most will find mundane, boring, and even worthy of a put down. However, I ask for your forbearance with this. I am brand new on this forum and seek some understandable, honest advice. I (laughably) use a Tracfone basic (flip) phone which has no Internet. I have no TV.

I have traditionally used library computers for my Internet connection and this has served my needs well. However, a few years ago I bought an older, used Chromebook (Samsung XE303C12-A01US) which I have used on public WiFi, to supplement the library use. About one year ago I 'discovered' that I could purchase Internet ($55 per month), for home use, without any 'modems, gateways, or routers' by paying online for Xfinity's "On Demand" service. I live in Philadelphia (ZIP 19103) and this has worked out exceedingly well, especially because of the library restrictions with this damn COVID 19.

However, I have just found out that, as of 17 DEC, Comcast will no longer be offering "On Demand" Internet. I am truly stumped. They state that one can purchase a 'kit' for $80 (Prepaid Internet) but I would not have any idea as to what to do with this kit. I have done a tiny bit of research and understand that Mbps is the Internet per second bit connection speed and MBps is the per second byte size of the file which is downloaded or uploaded. And, yes, I know that eight bits equals one byte. My computer needs are rather tame: occasional online shopping, Excel, Word, Youtube videos. Can I really get away with only 10 MB Internet service?

Bottom line is this: I really do not know how to connect to the Internet come the end of December. I have purchased a month of Xfinity 'On Demand" which will expire on the 26th of December. I don't even know if Comcast is the most cost effective way to engage with Internet service. Is there a way to connect with the Internet without having to have 'hardware' for my connection? Modems, gateways, routers are all new to me, but how will I connect them if I need to? And, since I will be doing some online shopping, is a VPN utterly essential? I don't want to be 'persuaded' into buying more than I need. I am not rich.

I get told over and over again that Comcast has 'free' hotspots all over the place. When I put in my ZIP code (19103) I do not get a map or any precise address for such WiFi. I am stumped. The ONLY free WiFi I know of is Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks (and libraries, although I have always used hard wire connections with their computers.) What I fear most about computers is the fact that everyone seems to know everything about them and one feels very stupid when being so naive.

I live near 21st Street and Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 19103, in hopes that someone will be able to direct me the correct way in language which I can UNDERSTAND. I cannot 'download an app' because my flip phone is stupid and because I have an older Chromebook.

A posting like this will enrage those who wish to mock as well as thoughtfully engage those who will offer heartfelt efforts with my rather stupid dilemma. I am prepared for both maturity levels. In a way, the computer age has passed me by, but I am still alive and hoping for a sane, sensible response which I will be able to implement.

In advance, thank you for any efforts expended. - David

Hey there, good to see the older generation interested in using the internet :)

So first of all, im not from the US, but i feel like i might still be able to provide some insight to your issue...

When you say you have NO internet and NO TV, does this mean that your home is incapable of getting internet(through existing installations?)

IF your home already has access to install a WiFi modem, or has ethernet outlets i would probably suggest you just get your own internet connection.

Again, im not from the US so im not aware of the pricing over there, but if no installations has to be made except installing a model in your home, then the price might not be as high as you think.

I live in Denmark, and pay 40 dollars monthly for 1000 mbps download(i realize this is unrealistic for many US areas) but just to put it in perspective what you're paying for a way worse connection.

If i were you id research whether or not you can get an affordable internet connection(aim for atleast 50 mbps in my opinion) in your area..

You might be surprised on the prices, it really depends on your situation and area i guess 🙂 hope you figure it out!

- Marty, avxperten 

Thank you for responding, even from Denmark. In the USA it is difficult to get help with these 'trivial' topics because here people live to keep their noses buried into their phones and never come up for air or communication with others!

All I can say is that there is a round jack in the wall (cable TV?). I am that naive and don't even know if that would help to install Internet. In addition, there is a phone jack for a landline phone. But I do not use it.

What I really want to know is are my options. Is 'dial up' Internet still a viable option? I do not even know whom to call and I am afraid that I will be given a huge package that has many attributes which I will never use. Ideally, it would be far better to get responses from people who live in the USA and who are familiar with what I am saying here.

Would someone have to come to my address? Can this be done during this COVID 19? No, I do not need much Mbps as I don't do gaming or anything like that. Again, thank you from Denmark. - David

Well where i'm form, it is indeed possible to get Internet through your cable outlet(which is most likely the round plug in the wall you're referring to)

Again i'd definitely try to contact a provider with affordable prices, and ask them if its possible to deliver internet to your home.

If you live in a somewhat rural area, or close to, i'm sure you can get a connection to your home, but again i have no idea how the pricing is over there, from what i understand it can be quite high.

But even if it's high i do still believe it will be cheaper over time, than your on-demand solution which you've used beforehand 🙂

Thanks for the information mygiftcardsite 
Thanks for the information


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