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Long post, TL;DR at the end.

Recently I was comparing cpu coolers and wanted to know what kind of bearing one of the Thermalright fans had in it. No problem I thought, I'll just look it up on the manufacturer website. Thermalright's website listed the fan as having an "enhanced hyper flow bearing." Okay, that's obviously a marketing name, also a very stupid one, but on topic, what does it actually mean?

Here's where I ran into problems. Thermalright doesn't say what kind of bearing this actually is and the only thing a google search turns up is two SPCR forum posts which contradict each other. Importantly, neither author wrote any sort of explanation or had any sort of credibility. Asking on r/buildapc netted me one response which stated that it was a fluid bearing based on one of the aforementioned SPCR forum posts. Uh huh.