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I have been closely following the evolution of ARM since it was only 32 bits, and I find fascinating the hate towards this architecture from some x86 fans. ARM has replaced MIPS or SPARC on several known projects and no one complains, but when one mentions the possibility of x86 being replaced by ARM...

First of all, no one is here saying you would stop using x86. If the software or hardware you use only exists for x86 obviously you have to continue using x86. What I am asking here is why some x86 fans hate the ARM ISA and make false claims about the ARM ISA or about ARM in general. I give some examples of false arguments next.

Years ago, the main false argument people was giving to me was "ARM cannot scale up. ARM is only for phones". It was an absurd argument, because nothing in the ARM ISA prohibits engineers to scale up designs above 2W.

When the first 100W ARM SoCs started to appear the argument changed to "ARM lacks X", where X could be some feature such as InfiniBand, confounding the features available on a proof-of-concept chip or on some developers-only chip, with the ARM ISA.