OKAY, firstly I have currently a i7-6700k and a z170 obviously it might be time for a upgrade. Firstly I want to get the new ryzen9 3900x that will be comming I think it will be cheaper and better than any i7 that I could want lmao. Anyways I was wondering what would be the best board to handle a new ryzen when its shown at the show in las vegas or whatever. Also my ram is ass so maybe ram help would be nice. Also what would be recommended for watercooling because idk if my h55 1 fan would be good enough anymore

NOTE: Am i making a good decision trying to swapp to AMD with their new [censored]or should I just pay for a intel i7-9800k or whatever they have out now with a z390 motherboard.

So for the 3900x it may be the x470 chipset or the X570, I don't actually know. We'll have to see. Similarly, it may run DDR4 but we will have to see after CES! Watercooling, I like NZXT AIOs but you can research stuff and shop around. Sorry I can't help much!
Still wondering

Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero is the best AM4 motherboard out there.

Trident Z Rgb CL14, best ram for Ryzen.

Also if you have a budget you can go for new Asus AIOs. They are really great for overclocking.

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