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I used to cover up all my laptop cameras with post-its/sticky tape until I found some camera sliders off Amazon! Love them! I was also really glad to find out that my Lenovo Smart Display came with a physical camera shutter. I also get to mute the mic anytime I want. I'm always thankful when brands start to take precautions for all these privacy concerns.

Do you think it's paranoia when people cover up their cameras with tape? I personally just like taking precautions even if it's not 100% safe as what most would say.

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To be honest, I thought only I do it:grin:
Actually no but my friend does 😃
It really depends on how compromising the activities are.

Lets say one of the worse scenarios for a normal person occurs, having [censored]or [censored]ion in front of the screen, if people can just get over the stigma and admit that [censored]is a normal part of life, then a lot of us can just remove that sticker.

I honestly don’t like having a piece of tape on an expensive machine that I paid a lot of money to have. plus like the video stated, it’s not like we are really protecting ourselves with it anyway.

Uninstalled the web camera software dude.
I think covering the web cam makes a lot of sense these days. I don't care what side of the political aisle you tilt toward or whatever your other proclivities may be. We see new hacks and weaknesses exposed everyday. Not being aware of points of observations is like not being aware of weaknesses to entry into your home or apartment.

Having a cover on your webcam is like having a throw bolt on your door. You don't have to use it, but you are safer when you do.

It’s not really about whether you are embarrassed about your sex/[censored]ion. It’s more about what everyone else thinks about it. If a potential boss at a job you’re applying to Googles you and on the first page is a link to your [censored]ion video, are you going to rely on the fact that he’s open-minded about [censored]ing in front of a webcam? At the very least, he now knows you let yourself get hacked.

And if you’re talking about [censored]with someone else, there’s also the matter of how they feel about it. The world doesn’t revolve around you.