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Digitaldd, you are darn right about that "hard to make any money" part. Oh, theoretically it should be a no brainer. Turn on your computer, load up NiceHash, let the puppy hum along. But for a little one card miner like myself, the payout bar (minimum required amount) was high and far away. So I mined for a month and had $95(US) due when ... shazzam ... they get hacked and all of sudden no payday in sight! Drat!

So I shift over to WinMiner and try them for a week. Talk about not making much! Like a buck and half a day or so. As soon as I can, I grab their much lower minimum payout and hop off. Of course, I sent the little amount I'd earned, in ethereum, to Coinbase. And who is having huge problems with memberships and orders, etc etc ... Coinbase. Double Drat!

Now, I'm trying Awesome Miner. A tad more complex and hard for this old dog to learn, but I've finally got it working I started out mining with MultiPoolHub, an association of various pools that makes it easier to find a better paying spot to exercise your GPU. And it's okay, making money kind of like NiceHash - in the $3 a day range, maybe a bit better.

And yesterday I added Zpool. I had heard good things about them. At first they seemed pretty good, a lot of $4 and $5 an day jobs with the occasional $2.5 a day or so job, but it all balances out. However, this morning I come out and find Awesome Miner whacking away at supposedly $1286 an day. Really? I check my earnings and no such luck. Yet, what if it is true? Dare I turn it off? Or what if it just says that and is making nothing ... or only a few cents an hour, guess I'll have to let it run and see what builds up over a few hours in my wallet.

All most as much fun and getting whacked in-game, lots and lots of suspense!

Note: Other saw and investigated the amazing earning being reported. Turns out someone put a couple of extra zeros in their figures and it shows it was making huge money, but not really. Had to shut off SHA-3 for the time being so I could get back to the lesser, but real earnings.

I've heard OK things about getting involved with a pool of miners and sharing rewards, most that get something out of that have dedicated ASIC hardware (like ANT miners) which eats a lot of electricity.