I have been thinking about a new build but I am stuck on the CPU. Intel I9 is too costly and powerful for gaming (for me)and the Broadwell chip is flawed so the question is the AMD Ryzan line (as I understated it is not out yet, I am not talking about Tread Ripper) going to able to fill the void for mid gaming builds?
Actually the good high end build as well with ryzen. You'll do darn fi. With a 1700 1700 x or 1800 x ryzen 7 they fater then Intel at averything but gaming performance at and let's face it ryzen architecture so new that games aren't even really optimised for it yet. But it don't shy in gaming buy that far of a margin either. Even if ya went say a ryzen 3 vs a ryzen 7 in high gpu enabled game ya only looking at a 6 to 12 fps drop vs a ryzen 7 on a 1080 Fe that may be 4 k res though. But alomost all the testing an reviews I've seen Intel only outperforming like a 1800x buy 8 percent average margin
i always say it depends on what you are doing, from bench marks it seems gaming only, i7 might be better, however I believe few people do only gaming on a pc, say you game, but have a guide up, or a tutorial video or you also do engineering homework when not gaming. depending on whats going on at the same time as gaming, the extra threads/ cores may be worth it, however that noited an i7 likely still will do enough for ya.

now a good case ryzen may have going for it in gaming is frame stability, it seems to have higher 1% / .01% lows, making the visibility of fps dips potentially less noticeable

i5's are out. It doesn't really matter what you do, the 4 core system is too low-end for the price it's at. If you want to go Intel, wait for the Coffee Lake series with 2 additional cores.