Looking for some help and the easiest way to achieve this. Here is our scenario::

In an office setup, we have PC1 and PC2 , Windows 10 Pro. NO INTERNET CONNECTION (Our boss won't allow it)

We have a LAN cable going from the modem/router to PC1 and another to PC2.

We need to network PC1 and PC2, so that each one can see the other on the network and can share files and have read/write access. But we need to do this, without internet access.

We are installing Simply accounting and we need to make it so that when PC1 makes a change, it reflects on PC2 and vise versa.

We know it's possible, because we did it on Windows Vista with an old version of Simply accounting and everything worked fine, But we just upgraded to 2 new PC's, windows 10. The LAN cables haven't changed or been moved. All we did was replace the two PC's. So we just need to get them linked up. I know it's simple to do with Homegroup but don't you need an internet connection for that? Please reply asap. On the old systems, they appeared when we went under Network....we could see the other PC. Hoping it will more simple with Win 10. Thanks.