Hi All

Would AMD FX 8310 Processor bottleneck an AMD RX 560 video card? I know I need to get a 500-600 watt power supply instead of the 350 watt Power supply PC came with.

Would it be a problem if it was above my wifi/Bluetooth card the 2 slot video card?

Or should I invest in an RX 460 video card that is single slot

Still saving money, just researching right now to make the best informed decision I can

System specs are

AMD FX 8310 8 Core Processor

currently 8gb of ram

R7 240 2gb video

Asus M52BC_M32BC (shows in Speccy that)

2tb storage drive

and Western Digital 250gb SSD

Thank you all in advance

1.Your CPU can handle up to RX 580 or GTX 1060 with no problem.

2.If you are concerned with covering you unused PCI slots you don't need to worry.

3.If you have something in them and you are using it grab single slot RX 450 single slot.