I don't about you guys, but I'm seriously fed up with the fricking upgrades...omg...this is insane and annoying...granted, 6 years is old, but 6 years ago when I bought my Mac mini that I'm writing on right now it was used, but it wasn't a dinosaur. Today, it's almost up there with vintage Mac Classics and Powerbooks...and then there are smart phones. I mean, geez...why can't anyone be happy with what they have and of course they're greedy and addicted to tech, but the designers, developers, and programmers just won't stop and the browsers, don't even get me's annoying and a pita...thankfully, I don't do much on my computer except write, connect with social media friends and network, but it's still very annoying. I'm very thankful that I was born in an era long before computers and being unplugged is not a big frustrates me a little, but I have so much to do as a Mommy, I can get along. Anyone else fed up and annoyed with the madness?
While i do love all the new shiny stuff I am still a big fan out of finding uses for older hardware whenever i can. In fact I highly recommend that before throwing old tech into a landfill everyone see if there is someone who might be willing to repurpose their old gear for a needy person. There are lots of charities that do this sort of thing if you can't do it yourself and they will find a home for some of you old gear.
Especially everything is connected, I just want to get out and enjoy the weather. Thankfully it got warm here.