And don't take my word for it, google it. I've chatted with skeptics online, religious, professors, experts, people who would never have believed it in a million years until their phones crashed, emails got deleted, their computers went so wonky they were ready to cry, and they lost all their phone contacts and texts. My favorite story that I often share takes place 20 years ago when I was doing a job search and editing my resume'. All I wanted to do was update my skills and edit a few things and print out 10 copies, but nooooooo...1/2 way thru the printing, which was functioning just fine...I heard a very loud crunching noise and I looked away from the computer and stopped typing and my jaw dropped...the paper jammed up so badly that the printer jumped around the table, the power on light went from green to blinking red and the paper jam forced the printer to crash to the floor and then the computer froze and crashed and all this happened in the library where I was being as quiet as a mouse and now I felt very embarrassed and I felt like I wasted my time...I grabbed my purse and left in tears. The entire fiasco lasted 20 minutes and I walked out right in the middle of it. I've endured other terrible snags, but that 1 is indelible in my mind...mercury in retrogrades suck big time and if I could hibernate and unplug until it's finished, I would. :tear:
is the amount of mercury hazardous to our health?