I know it's passe' but any Pacman or Frogger or pinball gamers out there? I know most gamers play state of the art cool stuff that rocks and jumps out at you with awesome graphics, but I'm just wondering if anyone plays any old school games.
I'm actually playing pacman right now. Retro games are on a pretty big upswing in popularity. A lot of new indie games are even made in the style of older retro games, in part because it's cheaper to make them that way, but also because players appreciate the memories. The success of the NES Classic is a testament to this trend.
I find myself going back to Pole Position, Dig-Dug and the game about mice vs. cats as cops and robbers. I don't remember that game's name actually 😛
If I fireup an emulator I'll play some of the old arcade stuff. But if I'm dropping quarters it'll be pinball.