Actually it was my first computer experience altogether. I was visiting a friend in her college dorm many years ago and while we waited for our food delivery, I was curious about her Mac computer and I already had an interest in creative writing. I began writing a short story. I fell in love with typing on it compared to the pain in the butt typewriter I used in high school and I sat there for hours, lost track of time and that's when I knew I wanted to be a writer and I wanted to be a Mac user. Fast forward, today, I'm still a creative dedicated writer and I love Mac. I'm not fond of today's Mac, but I still prefer it to PC.
Macs are nice for production. They have good attributes for using photo and video editing software and keep you relatively focused 😛
Macs are great for creativity. I use it for music production and work as well. However, there are SO MANY softwares out there for PC that it's not even funny.

Bottom line, if you want to create videos, music and do graphic design, go with a Mac. Anything else, PC is way better. Easy to customize too. In my opinion.

I understand your needs but in this case, a good and solid keyboard is paramount. Did you try the Lenovo Yoga series laptops instead?

If you don't like laptops with Windows, you may want to stick with a used mac. I always buy macs on ebay that are 3/4 years old and they still run great.

I purchased my first MacBook in early 2016. It was the 12 and while I really enjoyed it I still found it "wanting" so I moved up to the MacBook Pro 13 (Touch Bar version) 2016 last December. That has become my main laptop as I do have and use two different laptops. I also own an Alienware 13 r3 Oled. Before I purchased the Macbook12 I had been using only Windows Laptops since 1993. Since 2007 almost exclusively Alienware brand laptops (and desktops) except for a few Razer Blades and an Origin PC laptop as well. I go through periods where I do game allot though recently my job makes that a challenge. However I love my MacBook Pro! The make and feel of it are amazing (this from a guy who owns top end gaming laptops). I love Sierra (now High Sierra) as it runs rings around Windows. I am considering upgrading to the MacBook Pro 13 2017 Kaby Lake and getting upgrades to the Ram (8-16) and the SSD (512 to 1TB). I still use my Alienware Laptop for gaming though I am considering selling it as I also have a nice gaming desktop. The reason I am considering the MacBook Pro upgrade is that I plan on keeping it for the next two years and do not believe that my current one will last that long and be as productive as I need. Does that make any sense?