Free To Player Players Vs Pay To Win Players!

:cool: Hello HH Community! I'm in need of input deciding the factors of f2p vs p2w players! As

we all seen thus far f2p is not as what it seems to be anymore! :sad:

From my experiences here is what I come up with so far

*P2W Players

*Having a excessive advantage item that compromise the f2p player actual skills *pvp wise*

*Having excessive grinding reduced to sheer hours instead of days*

*Overly excessive bragging rights*

*Rng Boxes Or Loot Items* *cough* Dc Universe Online


*F2p Players!

*NOT!Having a fair play advantage to P2W players*

*Loads Of Grind*

*Kicked From Almost Every End Game Raids*

*No GirlFriend* :grin:

What would be a fair and honest solution to resolve this for the betterment for the mmo franchise or if anyone know a game that's somewhat of a balance please leave suggestions below Thanks!