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I was never really attracted to the system. Unlike the original DS, it didn't look like it had much of a strategy library. Games like advance wars, civilization revolution, tom clancy's something or the other et al. But with the Switch incoming, I'm thinking I might grab one once the price bottoms out. I'd have two goals, First: to play 1st party Nintendo stuff a la Metroid Zelda and maybe even Mario, and Second: to have a portable Virtual Console machine.

This is one reason I haven't paid any attention to the NES Classic. Certainly that would be cheaper, but not only is it non-expandable, Nintendo chose the games and only from (obviously) the NES library. Even there, where's 1942? And Double Dribble, Metal Gear, Faxanadu, Super Dodgeball, Joust, Duck Tales... and the first Contra?

If I saw a late revision 3DS w/ a couple of zeldas for $100, I'd grab that. And I could skip the upcoming Gameboy Classic, Gameboy Color Classic, SNES Classic, Gameboy Advance Classic, N64 Classic releases too.