I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but after all these years of being a Mac lover, which I still am, given my limited budget, and seeing all the cool stuff that's more available for PC than Mac, I'm leaning back toward PC. I'm nervous about all the virus concerns and windows being a pita, but considering it has more to offer and the PC world is far more open than the Mac world, my perspective has changed and 1st chance I get, I will sell some stuff, including my writing, my books, and buy a decent 1, or hopefully praying, I will win 1. That is not to say that PCs are all bad...I've used plenty of PC computers and I did a lot of writing work on them, played games, and I like what they offered...I am just keeping my options and mind open.
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I love OS X and hate Windows. That's my main reason to go Mac instead of PC.

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PC's have always offered a solid performance for me, but I'd actually like to try a Mac to see what all the fuss is about.