I grew up playing pacman, frogger, and connect 4 and pinball, yes I aged myself lol and ironically my husband did, too, but he's been playing gta and some really cool games and while he's learned how to use a game controller and he has fun with it, been playing with it for 10+ years, I just watch for entertainment value and I wish I could play games like that. I gave it a try, but I got flustered and I just don't get it. At first, I laughed and screamed freaking out at the fact that I almost ran someone over and made the car flip over, but then calmed reminding myself it's just a game, but I felt frustrated because it wasn't fun. I had more fun playing bumper cars. I unfortunately am not the most patient person and I get easily flustered so watching is much easier than actually learning to use it and play. I thought of playing ecco the dolphin but as much as I love dolphins, I need more of a challenge. Someone recommended tetris but that sounds as interesting as tron, which does not appeal to me at all. I don't like violence, though a little good vs. evil does sound appealing. I'd love to play something akin to my favorite show, "Charmed," but again, the learning curve needs to be minimal. I need an outlet and I don't want to have to take a class to learn to play. Some of my online friends play rpg games, which sound cool, but too complicated for me...I love stuff with nature and angels and fairies and elves...I wouldn't mind getting my aggressions out but no blood, ick...I'm very squeamish even if I pretend it's ketchup. I admit I'm not very tech and I am only a nerd in the sense of being a bookworm reader, but I do enjoy computers and some tech stuff, so I'm open...and it doesn't have to be girlie... 😉 lol I do love Lara Croft... :grin: thank you for suggestions.
You seem like a person who'd like Role Play, am I mistaken?
Hmmm, not sure...I'm not even sure what role play is lol...pretending to be someone else?
Yeah, playing a character like yourself or another persona for fun. Look up some Arma Roleplay videos 😛
I went through over 200 different cool games on my phone, and I found a new list of games here.