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So we arrive in the USA and my wife has her heart set on a Mac laptop. It's a social thing mostly. I've always been a PC guy, preferably desktops because trading power for portability only makes sense if you need to move around frequently, like door to door sales, I guess. Tablets make a lot more sense to me than laptops. Okay, enough of my rant on laptops. And note my total lack of experience with Mac's.

So I go to buy a Mac off Craigslist. Nice young lady wants to sell me one for $150 bucks. She tells me it is a 2009 and in good shape. What little research I've done makes me look for a 2011 or younger that I can have an SSD drive put in down the road. So late 2000-ish sounds good. Anything pre-2012 when they changed how they put hard drives in Mac laptops.

Well, that was my first mis-step. Apparently, there was a sea change around 2009 in terms of upgrading operating systems. And when I get this little gem home and spend some time with it, I notice it asks for updates but then won't accept them. I check and its running Snow Leopard. Nice cat, not so nice operating system in 2016. Chrome won't update for it. Apps wont install on it. Sorry, need to update. iTunes won't work with it.


Well, S. O. B. - even my sisters diminutive and ancient Acer laptop still works after a decade or so. Yes, it won't take the latest operating system from Windows. But I can get all sorts of software that will happily work on it - whether I run it as Windows or linux.

Now the Mac's battery is dying - no huge biggie, since they are fairly cheap. The power charger is cracking cables, another pain in the ass I did not inspect for closely enough. Next time I buy a Mac, I'm taking forensic software and a magnifying glass. Why would I consider a Mac after all this? Well, I wouldn't. But my wife ... her eyes glimmer with happiness when she sees a Mac laptop. What can I say? That's life.

So I will hunt for a more contemporary Mac at some point. I'll replace the battery, find a cheap used power charger and probably put $100 worth of SSD in it so I can send it to the Philippines. Someone there will love it. Even if it is Snow Leopard and not Mac OS Sierra. Good riddance, let's see which of my Filipino relatives ticks me off enough to get it. <evil grin>

Filthy Mac users *tisk tisk*