Am I the only member/poster here who remembers life before all the funky techno gadgets? LOL I just want to know how on earth does anyone text on those things and how do people manage to do such awesome selfies? I tried it and 2 came out good, 3 of them well not the greatest. Sorry, but I'm kinda ranting a little here. :grin: Don't get me wrong, I love all the gadgets and tech stuff and the funky fun emojis and I love what people share on twitter and facebook. The smileys and hearts alone lift my spirits and make me 🙂 but does anyone ever feel lost in all this tech stuff, or is it just me? I cook and write a lot so I don't spend a lot of time texting or uploading stuff, but then after seeing all the emojis, I'm reminded of all the cool fun tech stuff I can do...I wonder if anyone here in the forums is active on social media like me. Am I in good company here? By the way, when I first checked out the forums here, I admittedly felt a little intimidated and overwhelmed, but as I started sharing my thoughts and writing and posting, I actually started to feel more comfortable and at ease. I like the forums here, very cool.