Kryptic (IronSquid)
Hello, hello forums! Some hardware such as my iPod 5th gen will not be getting the iOS 10 upgrade even though the chop is MORE than enough for the demands. This leads into the topic of planned obsolescence where some experiments shown that updates from big companies REALLY do slow the devices down significantly. Please tell me your thoughts on the comments! 🙂
I think those experiments are accurate, often times IOS updates are bloated with unneeded or in some case unwanted "improvements" I don't usually update to the latest IOS, my son's Ipad 2 is running 8 or something or other and that's just fine, I think if it was updated to 9 it would have problems, I think the only time you can really consider the latest updates of IOS is if you just bought a new IOS device, than again some people will downgrade the IOS just so they can jailbreak it, if your like a lot of people and you want a jailbroken device than you don't want to update to the latest IOS at least till that version can be jailbroken, so for what it's worth, that's how I feel about the subject