I've been a hard working writer for 20 years and I bought my 1st small mac classic computer 20 years ago and I fell in love with it. The more I wrote, the faster my typing speed increased, but fast forward 20 years later, I feel like such a rarity. All the shares I see on facebook and twitter are done via texting and attaching smiley emojis. Meanwhile, I continue to type on my old mac mini. Thankfully, both social media platforms provide many smileys to choose from and I'm able to use my word processing programs to write my articles and books and share my thoughts on various topics. I love iphones and ipads and androids and all the cool awesome new technology coming out everyday. I can understand why so many people feel like a kid in a tech candy toy store. Who wouldn't feel that way? Virtual reality, games, so many awesome new developments; it makes the 21st Century look more awesome everyday and as a writer, it gives me new ideas for new topics to write about and share. I remember 15 years ago when the iphones first started making their appearance, I wondered how many people would be carrying these gadgets with them everywhere they went. Wow, I was amazed...10 years ago it was 1 in 10 and today it's everyone!!! Like I said, I'm rare. I love using my mobile gadgets to take beautiful pictures of my yummy recipes to share on social media and taking quick videos of myself to share my thoughts. I also love being able to add cute cool emojis to all my posts to give it an emotional human vibe so people know I'm real and not a bot lol. It's such an interesting phenomenon and era we live in. I never thought technology would change so rapidly so much. It has such a profound impact on the human experience. I'm learning and enjoying it.