This is my nearly completed Virtual Pinball Machine. It uses a 46" RCA TV playfield, 32" LG TV for the Back glass, and 15" recessed monitor for the DMD. Internally is a Dual Core Intel G3258 with 4 gigs of ram and a digital plunger from VirtuaPin. It was recently upgraded to a 240gig SSD and now has Steam Installed for some Pinball FX. I used the RCA 46" because it had a 6ms refresh rate which is important to a virtual pinball machine.

I did a dual core but now that I'm experimenting with version 10 I might have to upgrade to a quad core. The dual is fine for VP9. VP10 the visuals where plastic is see through and the detail that is going into some of the tables are just amazing.

I'm very much into the DIY scene and I'm going to be redoing my [censored] Doo mini arcade cabinet soon. That contains a modded X-Box 1 with about 65,000 games on it.

That is pretty cool! Nice work!
Thanks I could have gone all out and skinned it but decided for more of a retro look. I can always skin it later on. My wife only had one rule it must look like a real pinball machine no cutting corners shes more look > function. Im more function > looks.
Lol, at least you balance each other out xD
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